Things to know before you choose your shampoo

The are hundreds, possibly thousands different shampoos out there, and it can really be a pain trying to figure out which one of them is the best suit for your hair care.

That’s why I’m writing this article today, to give you a couple of tips on how to make the right choice for you. I’ll do your homework for you and spare you going through all of them, getting ever more confused in the process. That’s one of the things about today’s market, there are a lot of products and a lot of manufacturers, and you simply don’t know who to trust. They will all employ various marketing strategies to make you buy their product, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best for you at all. So, if you refuse to fall victim to these advertising undergoings, you are welcome to stick around ‘till the end of this article, and find out what are those things that make a shampoo perfect for your needs and preferences.

If you’re not new to my articles then you already know that I don’t like wasting words and space on idle chit-chat, so let me just tell you real quick what I intend to give you in terms of tips in this article. I’ll give you some questions you might want to answer for yourself before you opt for a hair care product, mainly shampoo. These are some concerns most people have when buying them, so we’ll try to solve them and make your shopping care-free.

Does my shampoo really have to be that expensive?

Ok, so we all know there are some pretty costly products out there. And the simple question we keep on asking is whether or not the 80 dollars bottle of shampoo is really necessary.

choose your shampoo

There are merits to both sides of the coin here. Of course the more expensive the shampoo, the more effective it will be, but that effectiveness doesn’t justify the difference in price, not by a long shot. 8 dollar shampoo works perfectly for most people, and so it could work for you. You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have your hair well taken care of some cheaper alternatives will work just fine.

So, no! Your shampoo of choice doesn’t have to be all that expensive. If you can spare some extra money, go for it, but it’s not that much of a setback if you can’t.

What about the labels, should I read them?

I know that reading all those indecipherable ingredients can really be a struggle, but if you want to know exactly what you’re putting on your head, there is no other way other than reading them and getting to know what they are.


So, the answer would be yes. You do need to read what’s in your shampoo of choice. This goes especially for those of you who are more into organic lifestyle. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll definitely want to buy shampoos without sulfates.

Keep your hair healthy on a vacation

It’s summer time!

After a long winter and a shifty spring, we can finally enjoy everything the summer has to offer. You can finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about during colder months, and it’s promising to be everything you were hoping for.

But, before you take that final step toward some exotic beach, we need to talk about what your hair is going through while you’re enjoying yourself. There are numerous factors that will affect it in all sorts of ways, and you want to be countering pretty much all of them. It shouldn’t be a period of complete rest just for you, but for your hair also. I’m here to teach you all about giving your hair the best vacation possible.

healthy hair

First, we’ll talk about some things you subject your hair to on a daily basis. The whole purpose of vacation is to give it a little breathing space from all that. When I say daily exposure, I mean all sorts of pollution we encounter the moment we go outside, different hair products you might be using in order to style your hair just the way you want it to be, and, the most damaging effect of them all is the use of different styling tools. Straightening or curling your hair via high temperatures can be very stressful, and even cause some damage to your hair. Vacation for it would mean you need to give it a bit of rest from all these influences.

The best idea for giving your hair a proper rest is to keep it very low maintenance during your vacation. You don’t want to do any crazy and complicated styling maneuvers, but keep it very simple and easy to do. The most important thing is to not put too much strain on your hair, the way you would usually do if you weren’t on vacation.

healthy hair

The first point I want to address here is that you must keep your hair perfectly hydrated at all times. Lack of hydration is what causes most of your hair nightmares. There are many factors that will simply sap all of your hair’s moisture, and you’ll need to replenish it effectively in order to keep it healthy and in a perfect shape. Some of the factors I’m talking about are sand, sun, humidity, and so on. They are pretty numerous, and they won’t be doing your hair any favors, that role falls down to you, and you alone. You also want to use some potent hair protectant. Do a bit of research, and find one that suits you best. There is also a wide array of hair protection masks, which will protect your hair during the day from all those aforementioned influences, and give you a nice, glossy look once you rinse it in the evening.

You should definitely go with the flow, so to say during your vacation, as far as your hair is concerned. What this means is that you just let it be the way it is. If your hair is curly, or rebellious, just let it be that way. Don’t try to do any of your usual styling routines, and accept it for what it is during this resting period. If the natural look of your hair bugs you so much, you should make some sort of a braid. It will keep your hair safe and pretty good-looking during the day, and give you beautiful locks once you unbraid it in the evening.

Keep your hair protected at all times. The best solution by far is to wear some sort of a hat.

Make up trends for 2015

Straight from the catwalks of the world’s most famous fashion shows, I’m bringing you the best make up advices you can possibly get when it comes to the year 2015.

A festival, free-spirited girl, a gypset bohemian, or a biker decadent babe, you’ll find everything you need to make your look trendy like the new season commands it. I didn’t forget all you hopeless romantics out there either.

Above the neck area was also infected by this season’s sartorial, independent spirit. All the make up artists agree on this, so we’ll have to pick their brains a bit, and bring you the hottest of the hot when it comes to make up for this season. To quote Guido Palau: “There’s that word “cool” that simply keeps on coming up”. This is one motto that could be heard on recent fashion shows from Paris to New York. The best make up looks of the season borrowed its inspiration from the hairstyles that dominated the runways. It’s all about unstudied ease and spontaneity. There was a vast number of playful touches you could see, but the overall make up message for this season was well moisturized, fresh-looking skin with nothing much else.

Make up trends

Don’t get me wrong, a glitter pop on the eyes, completely bare skin, or a slightly destroyed eyeliner’s half-wing could also be seen, and can be deemed appropriate for this season as well. It’s all about rebellious, real-world, and urban influences in 2015. That’s what inspired most of the conceptual looks that will dominate this season. It’s been said that this is the look for a girl that lives her life, not for a girl who’s just sitting around, constantly wondering if she’s pretty enough, or perfect.

Here are some of the hottest trends for the hottest times of the 2015.

Graphic eyeliner

Black and bold eye pencil is the perfect way of conveying the “do it yourself” attitude that’s been dominating the season. It appeared in many forms, smoky blended haze, self-made spiky scribble, or ladylike exaggerated swoosh.

It’s the style that’ll offer you ultimate amount to freedom to experiment since it’s simply impossible to mess it up.

Supernatural skin

Your facialist’s standing appointment is probably one of the best investments you can possibly make this season concerning your overall appearance. This season brings you opportunities to cut the time you need to prep for a party in pretty much half, maybe more. Heavy make up camouflage is yesterday news, and we’re slowly gravitating towards come as you are clean skin, post-workout sweaty flush, and some occasional freckles smattering. As I’ve already said, it’s all about looking natural, so you’ve never needed less time to get yourself tip top for any party.

Undone hair

Who would’ve said that this will ever become one of the hottest trends out there? It’s pretty much every girl’s dream to go out like this and still be trendy. It emanates a feeling of ease about it, and in that feeling on simplicity it manages to feel rich somehow in some inexplicable way. It’s something all the leading makeup artists and hairstylists agreed upon. They’ve worked together to make a beautiful sync between undone hair and casual make up.

This article is not about hair, however, so we’ll simply stop here with any further hairstyling talks. That will be our topic in some of my future articles. But I needed to give it just a little mention since it’s such an important part of the look for the new season. Casual hair and make up will constitute your trendy look for 2015, and one simply won’t work without the other.

Lips with high impact

Let’s talk about the lisp for this season. There are a couple of adjectives I can use, such as supersaturated, rich, fingertip pressed on, and with soft edges. These are your instructions to live by come this season. It’s a great look that’s something you would’ve done anyway, only it’s super stylish now.

Make up artists explain this look as something a girl would herself do. Red electric poppy paint is the big thing I should also add. There is one more guiding principle I should share with you. You’ll know you did this look justice if you can’t really tell where the beginning or the end really are.

Well, this would be my quick guide to your make up for the next season. It is everything us girls ever wanted it to be. It’s very simple, casual, and do it yourself, nothing more to ask from 2015.

Make up trends2


Secrets of having a good hair day

Ever woke up with your hair looking like it just had an amazing overnight adventure, and somehow forgot to invite you? Of course you have, and more times than you care to remember I presume.

I’m here today to give you a couple of tips about a glorious hair days that wait ahead. You’ll be surprised to see how little things can completely change the hair you’re waking up with every morning. The change will be for the better, of course. We all want to have beautiful everything, hair is no exception either, but very few of us is ready to take some small steps to actually achiever that. I don’t want you to be just one of many who always want but never do. I’ll give you some quick advices to make your hair permanently beautiful whole day, everyday.

Curly hair

Just don’t get lazy on me along the way, and the results will be there, trust me. So, let’s dig right into this whole matter and set you up with some high-quality tips that’ll put your hair back under your control every single morning.

Great pillowcase is a great investment

I know how this may sound to some of you. But a great hair doesn’t start with the hair itself, it starts with getting a good pillowcase to sleep on. The benefits are many, and not just for your hair, but also for your face.

It makes a hell of a difference if your hair just glides all over your pillowcase, or gets all tangled and messy while you sleep. Silk pillowcase is the way to go here. Besides being absolutely perfect choice if you want a great air every morning, it’s also hypoallergenic, which means it’ll eradicate all the nasty little critters that tend to crawl around your head while you’re sleeping.

As far as your face goes, it’s simply an added benefit. The skin will wrinkle far less while sleeping on a silk pillowcase, so you’re technically killing two flies with one stone. This is where it all starts; if you’re really determined to invest in the future of your hair, get yourself a silk pillowcase. Once you get this done, we ca proceed forward and tackle the next step.

good hair day3

Good in advance preparation is the key

If you have a certain hairstyle that you prefer, don’t be lazy in the evenings, and do some preparation before you go to bed. I know how hard it is to make yourself do anything when the bedtime comes. You’re all exhausted from the day that just ended, and all you really want is to hug your pillow (with a fresh new pillowcase, I hope) and take a trip to Dreamland. Well, nobody said this whole thing isn’t going to demand a certain amount of effort. Everything that’s worth having does, at the end of the day.

Find out what you have to do to prepare you hair for the day ahead, and figure out a good sleeping position that’ll keep it just the way you want throughout the night. For example, you can make a plait, and spend the night sleeping on it. It’ll certainly prevent your hair from turning into a large mess overnight. Or, you can put something like a scarf over it after you’ve applied some serum on it. I’ll leave it to you to figure out the way that suits you best.

Adding a bit of oomph can’t hurt

The key here is that you don’t want to spend all that much time on your hair every morning, but you want to get that freshly styled look, like you’ve spent hours making it. For this purpose, you can tease your roots a bit, and it’ll go a long way when your hair’s overall look and style are concerned.

Using a salt spray or a dry shampoo, followed by some comb or finger teasing can really help nullify any flatness that you might wake up with.

Give your hair some treatment

Start looking at your hair as if it were a plant. It needs some care in order to grow and reach its full potential. Not to mention that your hair is going through a lot every single day, it really needs some special attention once in a while.

Most popular short hair styles?

If you’ve come looking for some awesome ideas about the hot and popular short hair styles, then you’ve come to the right place. I have a lot to pull out from my bag of tricks today since I’ve been following diligently the newest trends and the fashion shows examples that I think will be huge hit this season.

Being a hair stylist myself, I think I have enough experience and knowledge to give you all the right advices, which will keep you in the fashion and trend loop for this season. All you have to do is keep scrolling down and pick one of my suggestions that you like the most. Oh, and find an online tutorial on how to do the style you like the most.

So, we’ve gone over the mandatory introduction part, and we can finally get some job done. Let’s see what I have for you today.

Short and sweet

short hairThis is an amazingly cute little hair style that will make you look adorable and simply irresistible, trust me. It’s all about taking your cute bob, decorating the ends with a bunch of flipped out curls, and that’s how you’ll achieve that uber wanted sassy softness.

You’ll need to prepare your hair for this kind of styling, and heat protectant spray is absolutely a must. I always advise caution when it comes to heat treating your hair, and better safe than sorry is such a good motto to live by. You will basically start with a small parting that will have to be located somewhere off-center. You will then take your hair iron and start the work by smoothing out your hair, and giving the ends a gentle flick. As you go around, start creating upturned, small curls achieving a softer finish. You’ll finish the job with a small amount of holding spray.

One of the many good things about this hair style is the fact that it’s great for pretty much any face shape out there. Medium-thick hair is what works best if this is your preferred choice.

Keeping it cute and simple is what the next season is all about, so this suggestion is totally in that spirit.

Golden toned texture

This one goes out to all of those fine hair girls out there. We’re talking about fringe brightening up and creating extraordinary texture for your fine hair. If we’re aiming to do all that, then this little bob that’s color blocked is the perfect thing to help us get there.

Volumizing mousse all over your damp hair is our first step into the magic of this hair style. Now we’ll have to get some super volume by blow-drying and usage of the round hairbrush. Parting your hair to the left side is what comes next, followed by sweeping it over. Hair straightener will help you define some piecey layers afterwards. Then the whole texture should be roughened up a bit, and you can do that by simply running your fingers through it. The rough up is only supposed to be slight and gentle though, so don’t overdo it. Hairspray with a light hold is all you’ll need to set this hair style for good.

This is a hair style that’s perfectly suitable for squared, oval, or long face shapes. Medium-thick hair is the best working material for optimal results here also.

Twisted A-line

We want to create movement here. We’ll do it with addition of soft curls, giving that A-line a proper twist.

Leave-in cream in your damp hair is where it all starts. Blow-drying with the usage of Denman/paddle brush is your next step, which will also give us that low volume required to make this style your own. Create a left parting again and just sweep the hair over. Put your hair straightener to a good use by creating twisted, soft curls. Hairspray with a light hold is again all that you need for it to last.

Heart, oval, or square shaped faces are what suits this hair style the best. As far as the other condition is concerned, medium-thick hair is what we’re looking for.

That’s it for now. You have my biggest suggestions for this season, now all that’s left for you to do is experiment and simply have fun.

short hair styles

What are top rated hair straighteners on Amazon and what are their main qualities?

top rated hair straighteners   3Ok, Amazon has been with me for a long time, through all those articles of mine you’ve had the opportunity of reading. Once again, I will be consulting this site to see what are the best rated hair irons currently on the market, and what makes them so special.

Why is this rating system so important to me?

Because it all comes from the customers. The regular such as you and me come to Amazon, buy something, and leave their little review after some time of product usage. It is the best source of real information one can possibly find, and I hold it above all else when it comes to writing my own articles.

Sometimes when I have to review a product that I’ve only read about without actually using it, I call our fellow users to my rescue also. I read all of the impressions I can find, and it paints me a pretty good picture about a certain product and its real life performance.

So, with this short introduction out of the way we can start listing out some actual products. Shall we?

Onassis Style Professional Hair Straightener

This is a product with a pretty long specification let me tell you. It certainly has something to offer, and no wonder it’s one of the best rated products out there.

It features premium plates, which are a blend of ceramic and tourmaline. We all know that tourmaline is actually a gemstone that provides amazing shine to your hair after styling. More importantly, it creates negative ions, preventing frizz and locking in the moisture. It can be top rated hair straighteners   2used as a hair straightener, curler, or styler. It has a LED display for accurate temperature monitoring, and much more.

It is advertized as the best hair straightener on Amazon, and I must say that’s not too far from the truth. Certainly worth a look, and the price is quite affordable also, considering the quality you’ll get in return.

MHD Salon Hair Straightener

Well, I guess it’s a bit of a trend for ceramic/tourmaline plates to be on the top of user-ratings. It’s not as mind-boggling as you might think at first though. I mean titanium is obviously a better choice, but within a normal, average budget, this combination is the best you can get. And it actually does a splendid job.

It distributes heat evenly, and has a quick flash heating function. It also allows you to control the temperature via LCD display. Sleep mode and auto shut-off are pretty much a standard addition for any product that prizes itself at being at the top of the market today. One touch of the designated button and you will get 450 degrees Fahrenheit dished out to you in a matter of seconds.

MHD Salon Hair Straightener

Last on our short list, but certainly not the least by any means.

The plates on this straightener are infused with keratin, giving your hair that coveted sleeker look once you’re done with your styling routine. The plates are also professional quality, and they achieve their optimal temperature in 15 seconds. LED display that let’s you control the temperature and auto shut-off functions are a given. This iron too can dish out up to 450 degrees F of heat.

Those were some of the best-rated hair straighteners on Amazon for you. See you soon with a new and interesting article.

top rated hair straighteners   3

How to Handle a Bad Hair Day?

A bad hair day is something that we can all relate to. Everyone hates waking up to the prospects of dealing with a bad hair day. The fact that we hate this, it does not mean that we can avoid such dreadful days. What is most important for us is to learn how best to deal with such occurrences. Fortunately, hair stylists have identified a few solutions to dealing with a bad hair day. These quick solutions are designed to combat all the challenges that come with misbehaving hair. The best thing about these solutions is that you can do them on your own without the need to visit your hair stylist.

Incorporate a hat

This is perhaps the quickest way of dealing with a bad hair day. Hiding under a hat will provide you with a temporary solution to dealing with your misbehaving hair. If you do not have plans of going anywhere, consider keeping on a beanie or beret. You can actually hide all sorts of hair problems with a hat. Since we are always clueless about the dreadful day, it’s best if you stock up a range hats to avoid embracement.

A ponytail can work

This however is not a solution for everyone. Those with longer hair are the only ones who can enjoy this. A simple ponytail can save you a whole lot of trouble with a bad hair day. Besides just solving your current situation, if it’s done properly, it can look stylish especially if you opt to rock on a fabric flower or slides. If it does not work in the first instance consider twisting it into a loose bun. The fact that messy buns are very popular will make you to get away with a bad hair day.

Get a good hair product

When these bad hair days seem to be more that you can handle, consider changing your hair products. The problem might be caused by using the wrong kind of hair product for your hair. Try finding a perfect product that will work magic and see if there’ll be any changes. The texture of our hair is different. Some hair types need hair products to be styled and remain under control while others do not. Understand your hair texture so that you can treat it the way it deserves.

A hair mask can work

Every day you go out, you expose your hair to the environmental perils. Central heating and winter winds can cause your hair a lot of havoc. Try a hair mask or a using a good hair conditioner to help you take care of the climate. You can achieve this even when at the comfort of your living room using homemade products.

Wigs can do the trick

Today, you can get away with wigs because they are quite fashionable. They have become so fashionable that women are even wearing the when going for a night out with their girlfriends. The best thing about wigs is that they can change your look within an instant.